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Most blogs contain political or religious bullshit.
This one only contains bullshit.
Flame at will.



stratcat said...

What happens if you flag your own blog? Is that blogicide?

stratcat said...

I'd been wanting an EchoPlex but without the problems with tapes, tubes, etc. I took a semi-modern "pro-sumer" digital delay and wired an Altec-Lansing slidepot from a 60's era recording console to it. The slidepot simulates the sliding head from a real EchoPlex and controls the delay time of the Digitech RDS4000.
The Digitech was further modified to accept a HI-Z mike input. The mike is built into the speaker mounting board of my main amp. The Digitech's output feeds a BGW 100 which drives a 12" speaker in a cabinet that matches my main amp.

Jimmy Page & Joe Walsh would approve of such a setup ;^)


stratcat said...

I was in a movie back in the 80's.

stratcat said...

Ahh, how cool! Got me one o' them cool stat counters. Czech it out over on the right side.

stratcat said...

It's New Year's Eve and over in de hood, dem 45's an' 9mm's be a-talkin.
The US is no different from the shitty middle-east countries. Why limit the bombing to those places. A flight of B-52's could take out south memphis and save a hell of a lot of gas. (Actually, jets use kerosene)

stratcat said...

What a bunch of fools!
They're firing 9-15 shots into the air at random. What a waste of ammunition! They could be killing each other!
Happy New Year!

New Orleans News Ladder said...

May I comment on all of the posts. YOWZHAAAAA!
If you flag yer own blog it just means to slow down, men at work, or depending on what kind of neighborhood, you might use different flags for various states and options if you know what I mean. You will never be able to kill this blog. It will always exists as it always has existed exitstentially speaking...
Hemingway said to write what you know and use a pencil.
You can comment in blogs that you like and link them to yours as well as publish part of their post in your post and what idea that spun off and link back to their post and tell them so they & their readers come over and chick you out. I get a lot out of corresponding with other blogs.
What do you get when you cross a Poll with an Italian? A guy with an offer most of which he knows you will refuse? Eek.
You can do a new day by clicking "create a new post".
Can you believe that they haven't come up with an appleorange?
I like the Military Quotes. Here's one from Lyndon Johnson: "Nothing focuses the attention and clears the mind like a public hanging."
I want to hear this 'EchoPlex' flex.

stratcat said...

Finally got religion:

stratcat said...

Our Google which art in cyberspace,
Hallowed be thy domain.
Thy search to come,
Thy results be done,
On my computer as it is in the WWW.
Give us this search our daily results.
Forgive us our spam, as those that have
spammed up against us.
And lead us not into infected sites,
But deliver us from Trojans.
For thine search engine is the greatest,
and the power,
and the glory,
For search after search.

Dallas Allis said...

I'm scared